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Choirs and choral singing in all its forms is as popular now as ever before. It is recognised that the benefits of singing to our personal well-being are unquestionable. The effects upon others when good music is heard is also known to be good for everyone; those taking part and those listening.
At Radcliffe MVC the camaraderie and teamwork enjoyed by us all is very much a part of our music-making.
Our repertoire covers traditional male voice choir pieces from England, Wales and many other countries world-wide. Seasonal, religious, secular, songs from shows, modern pop songs, whatever – there will be a song in our repertoire to cover it.
To book our choir to come and sing for you, whatever the occasion and no matter what the venue, please contact our concert secretary, Paul Grimoldby, on 07858 485898 or email to He will be only too pleased to discuss your requirements and explain what comprises one of our excellent concerts.


  1. Concert Secretary – Paul Grimoldby

    1. Mobile – 07858 485898

    2. Email –

  2. HonorarySecretary – Martin Mercer

    1. Tel. – 0161 797 2865

    2. Email –

  3. Chairman – Phillip Blinkhorn

    1. Tel. – 0161 766 6301

    2. Email –

  4. Treasurer – Stewart Taylor

    1. Tel. – 0161 724 7040

    2. Email –

  5. Musical Director – Catherine Hilton

    1. Tel. - 01204 770454

    2. Email –

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